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Virtual Space Explorers (1995 ? 1998)

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root for experiments in the data space

1994 the INM became independent. Since then it is operated by the IfNM e.V , a non-profit society. Besides the continuation of the research and development work in the range of "New Media Art and Science" more and more application topics of the New Media prevailed.

Stills: Chaos Cube | Virtueller Spaziergang - Wörlitz with Knowbots - Knowledge Robots | Skylink

Interactive installation "Chaos Cube" 1994/1995
Image composition of "Virtueller Spaziergang - Wörlitz" and "Knowbots - Knowledge Robots" 1995/1996
"Skylink" Frankfurt 1996

To cite the self-description of the INM from the year 1995: "The increasing visualisation in many ranges of the society ("visual shift") as well as the global networking assign the new tasks. The New Media expand into science, politics and economy as well as in the privacy. They construct in addition to the broadcast-media a new type of interactive communication and information media. The exposure to the New Media requires media competence which satisfies the possibilities of the New Media. What up to now had been playfully artistic examination with the possibilities of the New Media is now the basic for extensive research and application at the INM-Institute for New Media. The "virtual space exploration" deals with the questions and problems of the interface between media art, digital science and applications. Thereby the interdisciplinary and "inter-methodical" (between art and science) way of working of the INM research teams is an import precondition for handling the research contexts of the digital worlds.

Besides substantial research and development projects the INM establishes successfully new series of events like e.g. the "Salon Vireal" and the "unplugged heads".

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