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Projects and Discourses

Knowledge (Science) and Art, Application and Discourse
The INM-Institute for New Media is organized completely project oriented. All of our research and development measures like our portal platforms are financed by acquired third-party funds or orders. Our programme is funded through cooperation, financial support of our sponsors and partly through association funds.
The INM with its realised projects does not compete with commercial productions in the market. Rather the institute implements non-profit projects and primarily experimental applications. For that purpose it provides networks of colleagues, partners and specialists who undertake tasks in various disciplines within the projects.

Knowledge, Interaction and Networking: Applied Development Projects
-  "OKSIMO" - Open Knowledge SImulation MOdelling (anciently "PES" - Planet Earth Simulator)
-  knowledge portal FrankfurtRhineMain with a knowledge atlas
-  ?S4fFRM" - Science-for-FrankfurtRhineMain
-  knowledge platform of the European partner regions of Hesse
-  ?Public Space Projects?

Science and Art: Theoretical Basic Research and Residences at the INM
-  performative science
-  V-reality
-  artists / scientists in residence

Performances and Discourses: Cognitive Science and New Media Technology; Events and Dialogues, Exhibitions and Awards at and with the INM
-  interner Link?unplugged heads?
-  interner Linkscience salons
-  "Visual Music Award"

Internet und WWW Portal Platforms ?Culture and Knowledge (Science)? at the INM:
-  interner Linkculture portal of the city of Frankfurt/Main (www.kultur-frankfurt.de/ or http://kultur.frankfurt.de/)
-  interner Linkknowledge region FrankfurtRhineMain (www.wissensportal-frankfurtrheinmain.de)
-  interner LinkScience4FrankfurtRhineMain (www.s4frm.de)
-  interner Link"Journal Ethnologie" the museum of the world religions Frankfurt (www.journal-ethnologie.de)
-  interner Linkprojects of the public space (www.public-space-projects.de)
-  interner Linkknowledge platform of the European partner regions of Hesse (www.eu-partnerregions.de)

Portal Projects of the interner LinkINM-Service-Network:
-  interner LinkFrankfurt Opera (www.oper-frankfurt.de)
-  interner Linkhypermedial real-time traffic information system, hessian street and traffic adminstration (www.verkehr.hessen.de)
-  company website IVM integrated traffic management FrankfurtRhineMain Gmbh (www.ivm-rheinmain.de)
-  company website (www.bvm-law.de)
-  company website (www.mts-moenus.de)
-  company website (www.forum-lunge.de und www.heuschnupfen.de
-  institutions websites (www.RC-Frankfurt-Staedel.de and www.Rotary-FrankfurtRheinMain.de)

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