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Plug-In Platform (2005 until today)

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Incubator of transdisciplinary project cooperation

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By moving to the new location in the Schmickstraße 18 (on top of the "Kulturbunker") in the east harbour of Frankfurt the INM has since 2005 established as a "Plug-In"- platform. It evolves into an incubator for cooperation projects in culture and science: like interner LinkGeneration Knowledge, interner LinkOKSIMO (Planet Earth Simulator) and interner LinkKnowledge Portal FrankfurtRhineMain.
As from 2006 the opportunity is provided to resume topics in the discourse about "Art and Science" with the focus on interner LinkPerformative Science through the collaboration with interner LinkDr. Hans Diebner (former head of the "Institute for Basic Research" at the ZKM Karlsruhe).
Likewise since 2006 the INM has established an interner Linkservice-network of independent partners and freelancer. With these the INM is able to realise project orders for internet and hypermedia applications. Services as well as competences of the network include all project stages: organisation & projections, technology & (design) concepts, consulting & project management, realisation & editorial staff, administration and housing.

Extracts out of activity reports of the INM-Institute for New Media:
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