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Flyer INM 2007
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Flyer INM 2007, English, pages 1-3 Flyer INM 2007, English, pages 4-6

INM - Institute for New Media

The INM-Institute for New Media www.inm.de is since 1994 operated by the interner LinkInstitute for New Media (IfNM) e.V. as an autonomous platform in the field of New Media research and development as well as internet applications and solutions. It was already founded in 1989 as a vanguard experimental laboratory for interactive New Media Art at the Städelschule, University of Fine Arts in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Institute is organized as an open interner Link"Plug-In" platform where individuals, institutions and companies can dock onto with their individual projects. It offers space, logistics and networks for projects and discourses dealing with the present and the future of New Media and the knowledge society.

At present the INM creates and supports projects in the field of basic research for interner LinkScience and Art as well as applied development in the range of interner Linkknowledge, interaction and networking. It is a interner Linkplatform for arrangements and discussionson topics of New Media in an epistemic and technologic context and not lastly a home base for a interner Linkconsulting and service-network of independent specialists in conception, consulting as well as in realisation and maintenance of websites and internet projects. The structural concept of a real and virtual platform - closely connected to the region FrankfurtRhineMain but "global by location" - determines programmatically the future of the INM.

Based on its theoretical and applied research projects the INM builds a bridge ("bridging") between science and society, economy and creative people ("public science"). The trans-disciplinary and inter-methodical way of thinking - between art, science and application - of the protagonists of the INM is an essential precondition for dealing with the new Media (r)evolution in our real-virtual environment.

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Development Stages

The INM was founded in 1989 as an associated institute at the Städelschule, University of Fine Arts in Frankfurt, Germany

1989 - 1994 | interner LinkNew Media Art Avant-garde
-  Virtuality - Variability - Viability"
-  Love and security for post graduated and independent artists

Since 1994 the INM is operated under a sponsorship of the Institute for New Media (IfNM) e.V. independently and autonomously

1995 - 1998 | interner LinkVirtual Space Explorers
-  "Cyberspace - Knowbots - Modelling"
-  Nucleus for experiments in data space

1999 - 2002 | interner LinkMediahub TIMES
-  ?Telecommunication - Information Technology -
-  Multimedia - Entertainment - Security Services"
-  Incubator for commercial spin-offs and start-ups of the New Economy

2003 - 2004 | interner LinkGeneration Knowledge
-  "Culture & Knowledge (Science) | Portals & Projects | Symposia & Events?
-  Transformation from a production- into a moderation-platform

2005 - today | interner Link?Plug - In? Platform
-  "Science & Art | V-Reality & Application | Networks & Discourses?
-  Incubator of trans-disciplinary project cooperation

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Projects and Discourses

Applied development projects at the INM: interner LinkKnowledge, Interaction and Networking

-  interner Link?OKSIMO? - Open Knowledge SImulation MOdeling, formerly "Planet Earth Simulator?
-  interner Link?S4FRM? - Science-for-FrankfurtRhineMain
-  interner Link?Wissensregion FrankfurtRheinMain? - knowledge atlas & portal

Theoretical basic research and residences at the INM: interner LinkScience and Art
-  interner LinkPerformative Science - performance as an experiment
-  interner LinkV-Reality - entangled systema as virtual-real identities
-  interner LinkArtists / Scientists in Residence - INM ?global by location

Events & dialogues, exhibitions & awards at and with the INM: interner LinkEvents and Discourses
-  interner LinkScience Salon -?bridging? and ?public science?
-  interner Linkunplugged heads - science - art - applications
-  interner LinkVisual Music Award - visualisation of music

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interner LinkInternet and WWW (Portal) Platforms at the INM:

interner LinkCulture and Knowledge (Science):
-  Knowledge portal FRM externer Linkwww.Wissensportal-FrankfurtRheinMain.de
-  ?S4FRM? - Science-for-FrankfurtRhineMain externer Linkwww.S4FRM.de
-  Culture portal City of Frankfurt / Main externer Linkhttp://kultur.frankfurt.de
-  "Journal Ethnology" of the MDW externer Linkwww.journal-ethnologie.de
-  Knowledge platform of the European partner regions of Hesse intending to develop the rural area externer Linkwww.eu-partnerregions.de

Portal Projects of the INM interner LinkConsulting and Service Network:
-  Opera Frankfurt / Main externer Linkwww.oper-frankfurt.de
-  Hypermedial real-time traffic information system, Hessian street and traffic adminstration externer Linkwww.verkehr.hessen.de
-  Variety of websites for companies and projects interner Linkreferences

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Cooperation? ? !

Our monthly interner Link"unplugged heads 2.0" are moderated discourses in dialogue with an interested public. Topics of R&D-projects or alternatively of fields of interest of the INM are discussed.

Our annual interner LinkKnowledge (Science) Salons are a mixture of target group appropriate and topical presentations and lectures or symposia as well as exhibitions combined with ?get together? and ?networking? elements.

The support of attractive interner LinkExhibitions regarding actual movements in art and science (e.g. ?performative science?) on an international level is an exceptionally chance to prove cultural engagement.

Creative heads need an exciting environment, love and security as well as free space in order to utilize their talents. interner LinkAusstellungen Scientist/Artist in Residence programmes for post-graduated artists and scientists or interner LinkScholarships for several months, Traineeship and Apprentiseship Training Positions at the INM give us the possibility to benefit altogether from the input of fresh thoughts and ideas. The INM organises working environments and supporting events for your scholarships.

The appointment of interner LinkVisiting / Endowment Professorships for independent scientists at the INM in New Media specific topics could also for you be an interesting option in comparison to a pure university professorship. A cooperation of the autonomous INM with an interested institution of higher education would be a promising alternative.

You are welcome to implement your interner LinkInternet and WWW projects by the aid of the INM interner LinkConsulting and Service Network team. Our network of freelancers and partners provides competent consulting and conception, realisation and maintenance skills for your web projects

Sponsoring? ? !

We the team of the INM-Institute for New Media combine various technological, scientific and cultural interests in New Media with long term experiences and professional talents. We are looking for institutional sponsors, research and development project partners and sponsors for events, exhibitions and scholarships. Create with us your own individual cooperation programme!

The 18 years of history and the well-known name of the INM together with an attractive programme form the basis for a sustainable interner LinkInstitute Partnership. Besides the know-how transfer to your environment our premises and our logistics offer opportunities for unconventional (marketing) events.

The INM has a fine tradition in epistemological interner LinkBasic Research, Applied Research and Development of Prototypes. In addition to interactive New Media Art there are software development projects in the range of simulation and modelling, interactive real-time simulations, agent systems and experiments in the data space. Implement your interner LinkResearch and Development Projects with us!

Due to its assistants and colleagues the INM has access to striking expertise and a great potential of experience in several subjects of New Media. We love providing you our knowledge and our talents for your investigation and the realisation of your own interner LinkPublications or interner LinkWorkshops .

The INM perceives itself as a moderator and interpreter of developments around the New Media in art, science and application. We will gladly realise joint interner LinkEvents
at the ?Campfire of the Screenagers?.

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