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Tokyo Circle - Technical details

Tokyo Circle is an interactive audio installation based on a changing virtual acoustic space that responds to the movements of the spectator(s). It is basically meant to be performed by one person at a time, as the connections between sound and movement are best perceivable for a single performer.
Tokyo Circle consists of an elevated disk on three pods, on which the performer has to step on, a six-channel speaker system, a sensoric system that interpolates the performer's position by a three-point mass measurement, and a device that maps sound events to specific positions inside the circle.

Technical details of ´Tokyo Circle´

The sensors inside the pods continuously measure the weight on each of them and transform their measurements into electronic signals; a computer program calculates the performer's position from the three signal streams. This means that the sound will only be active when a performer enters the installation and only as long as he stays inside the circle, because only then there will be a mass difference to the original mass of the disk. The different sounds of the virtual acoustic space are mapped to certain positions inside the circle or to an arrangement of virtual concentric circles inside it, and are triggered once the performer enters their positions. Another computer program controls this setup and the sample play setup for the sounds on the speaker system.

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