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The History of the INM-Institute for New Media

Even in the most turbulent times the INM was always in content as well as in organisation a focus of developments and flows in the New Media. The institute associated to the Städelschule, University of Fine Arts, Frankfurt, served as an experimental labour of a New Media avant-garde in the creative competition of the fine arts with the ?interactive? arts. As an autonomous institution that is borne by voluntary engagement of a non-profit association and the individual enthusiasm we were and we are to act independently on the one hand and to cooperate at the same synergistically in a perfect way with public institutions and private partners in the FrankfurtRineMain area.

Logos des INM

(1989 - 1992)
(1992 - 1994)
(1995 until today)

Development Stages
-  The INM was founded in 1989 as an associated institute at the Städelschule, University of Fine Arts Frankfurt.
-  New Media Art Avant-garde (1989 ? 1994)
"Virtuality ? Variability ? Viability"
Love and security for postgraduated and independent artists
-  Since 1994 the INM is operated under a sponsorship of the interner LinkInstitute for New Media (IfNM) e.V. independently and autonomously.
-  Virtual Space Explorers (1995 ? 1998)
"Cyberspace - Knowbots - Modelling"
Root for experiments in the data space
-  Mediahub TIMES (1999 ? 2002)
"TIMES - Telecommunication ? Information technology ? Multimedia ? Entertainment ? Security Services"
Incubator for commercial spin-offs and start-ups of the New Economy
-  Generation Knowledge (2003 - 2004)
"Culture and Knowledge (Science) | Portals & Projects| Symposia & Events"
Transformation from a production- into a moderation-platform
-  "Plug-In" Plattform (2005 until today)
"Science & Art | V-reality & Application | Networks & Discourses"
Incubator of transdisciplinary project cooperation

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