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New Media Art (1989- 1994)

?Virtuality - Variability - Viability?
The INM-Institute for New Media was founded 1989 as an associated institute at the Städelschule, University of Fine Arts, Frankfurt. It was responsible for the postgraduated education of "New Media artists", for the development of theoretical basics of "New Media - Art and Science" and the realisation of projects of "(interactive) New Media Art". Peter Weibel the first director of the INM described it in the year 1992:
"The students are artists in a postgraduated stage of education and they come from all disciplines: stage design, fine arts, New Media, but also philosophy, physics and informatics. Visiting professors like Steina & Woody Vasulka, Matt Mullican, Jeffery Schaw, Holger van den Boom, Dara Birnbaum, Dan Graham and occasional assistant professors have broadend the offerings for teaching and the training in the last years."

Stills: 4 Worlds 1991 | M. Saup featuring P. Weibel 1991 | Interactive Plantgrowing 1993

Interactive installation 4 Worlds 1991
M.Saup featuring P.Weibel 1991
Interactive Plantgrowing 1993

For the production the assistants and visitors made use of experimental laboratory for video, audio and computer graphics. Kasper König (Rector of the Städelschule) described it in the founding press conference in the year 1990:
"The society of the western world is almost on half over-mediated. Nearly in all areas of life the New Media, computer based machines and networks render useful services. A University of Fine Arts should take this actual state of the society and prepare that way its students for this reality. This happens also by trying to examine the artistic dimension of the New Media the way it is done at the institute". In the first years the INM evolved into an extremely successful incubator for postgraduated and independent artists. The attractive context, the love and security and the discourses showed a sustainable effect: approx. 45 postgraduated artists and scientists have been working at the INM in the last five years, of whom afterwards temporarily more than 10 international professorships could be filled.
Furthermore the INM in Frankfurt has been a worldwide known "Hot Spot" for the "New Media Scene" which arises from the ideal international accessibility of the location in Frankfurt/Main, but rather mainly from the global effect and the extensive activities of the Director Peter Weibel - today ZKM Karlsruhe.

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