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Generation Knowledge (2003 - 2004)

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Transformation from a production to a moderation platform

Already since 2002 the most important thing was to ensure the survival of the INM in times of the post new economy. The lean and flexible structures of the INM made a successful adaptation to the once again changed basic conditions possible. Meanwhile the emphasis lies on the moderation of discourses and events as well as on lecture activities around the topics of the "New Media" and the project realisations of institutional web portals.

INM screens and poster 2003-2004

Poster "Ambiosonic" Wettbewerb 2003
Homepage "Kulturportal" 2003
Poster "Tag der Offenen Tür" 2003
Homepage "Journal Ethnologie" 2003

Extracts out of activity reports of the INM-Institute for New Media:
-  2003 | 2004

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