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Byoung Ho Kim

"unplugged heads 2.0" vom 13. Januar 2009
?Assembled Fantasy, a Fantasy of Desire?

Silent Pollen with SYSTEM, Byoung Ho Kim

Byoung Ho Kim, sound sculpture & media installation artist,
Seoul, South Korea, at time ?artist in residence? of the City of Frankfurt at Schmickstraße 18.

Byoung Ho Kim participated in many group exhibitions in Korea and already had some solo exhibitions, too. He won several prices and teaches as lecturer at varous universities and institutions in Korea. He also worked i.e. for Armani/Casa.

More details can found on Byoung Ho Kim´s website: externer Link www.bitpaste.com

For last three years, Byoung Ho Kim focused on creating diverse sculptures, which stand for the social phenomenon and diverse individual desires consistently suggesting new goal of modern society and new paradigm of life. For the materials he mostly uses steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals and various electronic equipments for the sounds.

Most of Byoung Ho Kim´s works involve invisible digital technologies for making the specific interactive sounds that viewers can participate with in the exhibits. He calls it ?hidden media? because any equipment or computer programs that react to the speech of the viewers are never revealed although they often play an important role in his sculptures. He believes that the digital technologies are seamlessly melted within the new advanced sculptures or media sculptures.

With the help of a specific process of frequency modulation he changes the language to the vague signs as Ferdinand de Saussure had described it. He believes that language is one of the crucial means for expressing desires. As he reproduces it through the particular equipment connected to the computer, the social languages finally alter individual vague desires. Thus he hopes that his media sculptures allow the viewers to experience the sounds that express their own desires.

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