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?Plug-In? - Platform
The INM-Institute for New Media is organized as an open interner Link"Plug-In" platform where individuals, institutions and companies can dock onto with their individual projects. It offers space, logistics and networks for projects and discourses dealing with the present and the future of New Media and the Knowledge Society.

The structure concept of a real and as well virtual platform - real in our loft in the Schmickstraße and virtual in the internet ? closely connected to the region FrankfurtRhineMain but ?global by location? determines conceptually and programmatically the future of the INM. With its projects and its own event programme the INM intends also in the future to contribute to discourses between research society and research, economy and creative people in the subject areas knowledge and New Media.

At present the INM creates and supports research projects in the field of basic research for interner LinkScience and Art as well as applied development in the range of interner LinkScience and Art. It is a interner Linkplatform for arrangements and discussions on the topics of New Media in an epistemic and technologic context and not lastly a home base for a interner Linkknowledge, interaction and networking of independent specialists in conception, consulting as well as in realisation and maintenance of websites and internet measures.

Based on its theoretical and applied research projects the INM builds a bridge (?bridging?) between science and society, economy and creative people (?public science?). The transdisciplinary and intermethocial way of thinking ? between art, science and application ? of the protagonists of the INM is an essential precondition for the exposure to the new Media (R)Evolution in our real-virtual environment.

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